SciTini LoungeCast #4

Culture and Society

Giving False Witness

Mistaken identification by eyewitnesses contributes to almost 90 percent of wrongful convictions. Cognitive psychologists can explain why.

Health and medicineTiny Particles Target Big Diseases

Nanoparticles, tiny robot-like creations hundreds of times smaller than red blood cells, could deliver specific medicine to targeted cells and potentially eliminate negative side effects of drugs and chemotherapy.

space and physics

The Sound of Silence

A fundamental classroom lessons of physics is that sound doesn’t exist in space. But sound is out there, and it provides valuable insight into how black holes work and even the formation of our universe.

Coral fixation: Can we grow these Caribbean reefs on a farm?  (Bequia Island, St. Vincent and The Grenadines) Photo copyright: Sabo

Reversing Reef Grief

Coral farms not only have commercial promise, they could become a useful tool in repopulating the world’s disappearing reefs.  But is it a long-term solution to the problem? 

Culture and Society

Reality TV, Meet the Blogosphere

Watch out, YouTube.  Move over, MySpace.  The next big thing in Internet entertainment just might combine the ubiquitous blog with your favorite guilty pleasure.

Culture and SocieTY

Black Gold Brews up Big Pot of Guilt

The documentary film Black Gold brews up intense sympathy for the plight of the Ethiopian coffee farmer, but the filmmakers fail to percolate any ideas on how socially conscious viewers can address the problem.