Summer 2002 Table of Contents


“Once Only Imagined”: Interview with Morris Eaves, Robert N. Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, by Kari Kraus   143

Morton D. Paley   201

יה and his two Sons Satan & Adam

Steve Vine   237

Blake’s Material Sublime

R. Paul Yoder   259

What Happens When: Narrative and the Changing Sequence of Plates in Blake’s Jerusalem, Chapter 2

Paul Miner   279

Blake’s London: Times & Spaces

David Wagenknecht   317

Mimicry against Mimesis in “Infant Sorrow”: Seeing Through Blake’s Image with Adorno and Lacan


Robert Hamlyn and Michael Phillips, eds., William Blake, reviewed by Morton D. Paley   349

Richard Matlak’s The Poetry of Relationship: The Wordsworths and Coleridge, 1797–1800, reviewed by Brooke Hopkins   350

Toby R. Benis’ Romanticism on the Road: The Marginal Gains of Wordsworth’s Homeless, reviewed by Gary Harrison   356

Uttara Natarajan’s Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense: Criticism, Morals, and the Metaphysics of Power, reviewed by James Mulvihill   361

Steven E. Jones’s Satire and Romanticism, reviewed by Judith Pascoe   365