Spring 2004 Table of Contents

Spring 2004 Table of Contents


Guest edited by Hermione de Almeida

Alan Bewell   5

Romanticism and Colonial Natural History

George H. Gilpin   35

William Blake and the World’s Body of Science

Tim Fulford   57

Conducting the Vital Fluid: The Politics and Poetics of Mesmerism in the 1790s

Stuart Peterfreund   79

Composing What May not Be “Sad Trash”: A Reconsideration of Mary Shelley’s Use of Paracelsus in Frankenstein

Eric G. Wilson   99

Thoreau, Crystallography, and the Science of the Transparent

Hermione de Almeida   119

Romanticism and the Triumph of Life Science: Prospects for Study


Eric G. Wilson’s The Spiritual History of Ice: Romanticism, Science, and the Imagination and Noah Heringman, ed. Romantic Science: The Literary Forms of Natural History, reviewed by Carl Woodring   135

Alan Bewell’s Romanticism and Colonial Disease, reviewed by Steven Goldsmith   139

Alan Richardson’s British Romanticism and the Science of the Mind, reviewed by Neil Vickers   146

Maureen N. McLane’s Romanticism and the Human Sciences: Poetry, Population, and the Discourse of the Species, reviewed by Deborah Elise White   150