Winter 2012 Table of Contents


Daniel Brown 475

William Rowan Hamilton and the Uses of Poetry for Science

Heather M. Klemann 503

Ethos in Jane Austen’s Emma

Sara Lodge  533

Contested Bounds:  John Clare, John Keats and the Sonnet

Timothy Ruppert 555

Waterloo, Napoleon, and the Vision of Peace in Louisa Stuart Costello’s The Maid of Cyprus Isle

Andrew Burkett  579

Mediating Monstrosity: Media, Information, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


David Simpson’s Wordsworth, Commodification and Social Concern: The Poetic of Modernity

reviewed by Deidre Lynch  607

Alexander Dick and Angela Esterhammer’s Spheres of Action: Speech and Performance in Romantic Culture

reviewed by Robin Jarvis  612

Michael Tomko’s British Romanticism and the Catholic Question: Religion, History, and National Identity

reviewed by Patrick R. O’Malley  617

Jonathan Sachs’s Romantic Antiquity: Rome in the British Imagination, 1789-1832

reviewed by Charles Mahoney  620

Eric Reid Lindstrom’s Romantic Fiat: Demystification and Enchantment in Lyric Poetry

reviewed by Brian McGrath  624

Alexander Regier’s Fracture and Fragmentation in British Romanticism

Reviewed by Andrew Allport  627