Winter 2010 Table of Contents

Romanticism and Politics

Guest Editor: Akeel Bilgrami


Akeel Bilgrami   533

The Political Possibilities in the Long Romantic Period

James Chandler   553

The Politics of Sentiment: Notes toward a New Account

Frances Ferguson   577

Dissenting Textualism: The Claims of Psychological Method in the Long Romantic Period

David Bromwich   601

Romantic Nationalism and The Convention of Cintra

Colin Jager   611

Shelley After Atheism

Majorie Levinson   633

Of Being Numerous

W. J. T. Mitchell   659

Bi-National Allegory: Israel-Palestine and the Art of Larry Abramson


Maureen McLane’s Balladeering, Minstrelsy, and the Making of British Romantic Poetry
reviewed by Erik Simpson   671

Janice Hewlett Koelb’s The Poetics of Description: Imagined Places in European Literature
reviewed by Bruce Graver   674

Mary Poovey’s Genres of the Credit Economy: Mediating Value in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Britain
reviewed by Eric Lindstrom   678

Gavin Budge, ed. Romantic Empiricism: Poetics and the Philosophy of Common Sense, 1780-1830
reviewed by Uttara Natarajan   684

Robert Mitchell’s Sympathy and the State in the Romantic Era: System, State Finance, and the Shadows of Futurity
reviewed by Hugh Roberts   687

Anne Frey’s British State Romanticism: Authorship, Agency, and Bureaucratic Nationalism
reviewed by Michael Gamer   691