Summer 2013 Table of Contents


Yoon Sun Lee 171

Austen’s Scale Making

Victoria Myers 197

“Be sure thou prove my love a whore”: Forged Evidence and Engines of Proof in Coleridge’s Shakespearean Politics

Matthew C. Borushko 225

The Politics of Subreption: Resisting the Sublime in Shelley’s “Mont Blanc”

Deborah Weiss 253

Sense and Sensibility: Uncertain Knowledge and the Ethics of Everyday Life

Jared McGeough 275

“So Variable and Inconstant a System”: Rereading the Anarchism of William Godwin’s Political Justice


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s West-East Divan: The Poems, with “Notes and Essays”: Goethe’s Intercultural Dialogues. Translated by Martin Bidney

reviewed by Max Reinhart 311

Johannes Voelz’s Transcendental Resistance: The New Americanists and Emerson’s

reviewed by Jonathan Murphy 313

Mark Schoenfield’s British Periodicals and Romantic Identity: The “Literary Lower

reviewed by Justin Tonra 317

Denise Gigante’s The Keats Brothers: The Life of John and George

reviewed by Ann Wierda Rowland320

Tilottama Rajan’s Romantic Narrative: Shelley, Hays, Godwin, Wollstonecraft

reviewed by Sean Dempsey 323

Christina Morin’s Charles Robert Maturin and the Haunting of Irish Romantic

reviewed by Frederick Burwick 328