Summer 2012 Table of Contents


Sonja Lawrenson  125

Revolution, Rebellion and a Rajah from Rohilkhand: Recontextualizing
Elizabeth Hamilton’s Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah

Natasha Tessone  149

Entailing the Nation: Inheritance and History in Walter Scott’s
The Antiquary

John Hughes  179

Wordsworth’s “Away, away, it is the air”: A Textual, Intertextual, and
Contextual Reading

Travis Feldman

Controversial Crabbe: A “Namby-Pamby Mandeville”

Paul Miner  233

Blake: Milton Inside Milton


Morton D. Paley’s Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Fine Arts

reviewed by Anya Taylor  277

Matthew Rowlinson’s Real Money and Romanticism

reviewed by Alexander Dick  280

Alexander Regier and Stefan H. Uhlig, eds., Wordsworth’s Poetic Theory:
Knowledge, Language, Experience

reviewed by Kurt Fosso  284

Angela Esterhammer’s Romanticism and Improvisation, 1750-1850

reviewed by Michael Caesar  288

Marshall Brown’s The Tooth that Nibbles at the Soul: Essays on Music and Poetry

reviewed by Gillen D’Arcy Wood  292

Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey’s Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands: Shelley’s Poetic
Development and Romantic Geography

reviewed by Nicholas Birns 296