Summer 2011 Table of Contents

Special 50th Anniversary Issue

An interview with David Wagenknecht


Reading Keats, Thinking Politics

Guest Editors: Emily Rohrbach and Emily Sun


Emily Rohrbach and Emily Sun  229

Reading Keats, Thinking Politics: An Introduction

Jacques Rancière  239

The Politics of the Spider

Jonathan Mulrooney 251

How Keats Falls

Rei Terada  275

Looking at the Stars Forever

Noel Jackson 311

The Time of Beauty

Magdalena Ostas  335

Keats’s Voice

Brian McGrath  351

Keats for Beginners


Timothy Morton’s The Ecological Thought

reviewed by Eric Gidal  373

Damian Walford Davies, ed. Romanticism, History, Historicism: Essays on an Orthodoxy

reviewed by Anahid J. Nersessian  377

Sue Brown’s Joseph Severn,  a Life: The Rewards of Friendship

reviewed by Jack Stillinger  381