Spring 2013 Table of Contents


Tilottama Rajan  3

The Work of the Negative: Symbolic, Gothic, and Romantic in Shelley and Hegel

Hyun Sohn  33

Wordsworth, London, and the Real: Sexual Difference and “Splitting the Race of Man in Twain”

Julie Murray  61

Mary Hays and the Forms of Life

Sean Dempsey  85

“Blank Splendour”: Keats, Romantic Visuality, and Wonder

Tilar J. Mazzeo  115

William Blake’s Golden String: Jerusalem and the London Textile Industry


Peter Otto’s Multiplying Worlds: Romanticism, Modernity, and the Emergence of Virtual Reality

reviewed by Michael Verderame  147

Emily Sun’s Succeeding King Lear: Literature, Exposure, & the Possibility of Politics

reviewed by J. Jennifer Jones  150

Karen Fang’s Romantic Writing and the Empire of Signs: Periodical Culture and Post-Napoleonic Authorship

reviewed by Margaret Russett  154

Chad Wellmon’s Becoming Human: Romantic Anthropology and the Embodiment of Freedom

reviewed by Rowan Boyson  157

Juliet Shields’s Sentimental Literature and Anglo-Scottish Identity, 1745-1820

reviewed by Miranda Burgess  161