Fall 2013 Table of Contents


Maureen N. McLane   337

Malthus Our Contemporary? Toward a Political Economy of Sex

Jonas Cope   363

“A Series of Small Inconsistencies”: Letitia Landon and the Sewn-Together Subject

Mandy Swann   389

Shelley’s Utopian Seascapes

Claire Sheridan   415

Anti-Social Sociability: Mary Shelley and the Posthumous “Pisa Gang”

Brent L. Russo   437

Charles Lamb’s Beloved Liberalism: Eccentricity in the Familiar Essays


Claudia Thomas Kairoff’s Anna Seward and the End of the Eighteenth Century 

reviewed by Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud   459

Brian R. Bates’s Wordsworth’s Poetic Collections, Supplementary Writing and Parodic Reception

reviewed by Scott Hess   463

Christina Lupton’s Knowing Books: The Consciousness of Mediation in Eighteenth-Century Britain

reviewed by Andrew Piper   467

Daniel O’Quinn’s Entertaining Crisis in the Atlantic Imperium, 1770-1790

reviewed by Leslie Elizabeth Eckel   470

Zachary Sng’s The Rhetoric of Error from Locke to Kleist

reviewed by Emily Sun   473

Mary Jacobus’s Romantic Things: a Tree, a Rock, a Cloud

reviewed by Emma Mason   476