Fall 2010 Table of Contents


Daniela Garofalo   353

“Give me that voice again . . . Those looks immortal”: Gaze and Voice in Keats’s The Eve of St. Agnes

Julia Sandstrom Carlson   375

The Map at the Limits of His Paper: A Cartographic Reading of The Prelude,
Book 6: “Cambridge and the Alps”

David Sigler   405

Dead Faith and Contraband Goods: Joanna Southcott and the Logic of Sexuation

Joseph Crawford   427

Milton’s Heirs: Epic Poetry in the 1790s

Timothy Michael   445

Coleridge, Hume, and the Principles of Political Knowledge

Eric Lindstrom   477

Imagining Things as They Are


Jane Campion’s Bright Star,  reviewed by Grant F. Scott   507

Paul Hamilton’s Coleridge and German Philosophy, reviewed by Alexander Schlutz   512

Mei-Ying Sung’s William Blake and the Art of Engraving, reviewed by Alexander
Gourlay   518

John Strachan’s Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period, reviewed by
Mike Chasar   523