Announcement from the Editor

Attentive readers will have already noted changes in the composition of our Advisory Board. Deborah Swedberg, our managing editor, and I offer a warm welcome to new members Jeffrey Cox, Julie Carlson, Mary Favret, Alan Richardson, Theresa Kelley, and James Samson, and our heartfelt thanks for many years of loyal and conscientious service to outgoing members Jack Stillinger, Donald H. Reiman, Geoffrey Hartman, and David Bindman. We wish to express our deep gratitude, as well, to those members of the board who will remain with us as we continue the transition to a new editor and the revision of our submission procedures. Finally, we take this opportunity to note publicly, and with sadness, the deaths of two devoted former members, Victor Erlich and Frederick Garber.

Among other changes taking place here at SiR is the addition of a new Book Review Editor, Jonathan Mulrooney of Holy Cross. Welcome, Jonathan!

As just indicated, SiR has revised its procedures for manuscript submissions. Contributors should consult the new instructions, printed on the inside front cover, and at our website under “Submissions,” for preparing, formatting, and emailing their essays for possible publication. A statement concerning the Book Reviews section of the journal is also on the inside front cover and on the website.

Finally, Deborah and I ask our readers, along with the members of the Advisory Board, past and present, to join us in expressing our deep appreciation to David Wagenknecht for his three decades of service as editor of Studies in Romanticism. With an unmatched catholicity of outlook, breadth of knowledge, and acuteness of critical observation, David has navigated this journal through some of the most challenging and disorienting straits, shoals, and “wide, wide seas” in the history of our profession, and brought it home, each time, laden with riches intellectual and imaginative. Thank you, David.