Robert Michener, Lab Manager

Bob has been running the Boston University Stable Isotope Laboratory since it opened in 1989. Prior to that time, he worked with Dr. Brian Fry at the Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He has extensive experience in operating and maintaining the Finnigan and GVI isotope ratio mass spectrometers. In addition to operating the facility as a contract laboratory, Bob is interested in establishing collaborative research projects. His research currently focuses on marine and freshwater aquatic food webs, pollution, and the use of isotopes as a natural tracer of anthropogenic inputs. However, he is open to discussing other possible research opportunities with interested individuals.

In addition to his laboratory work, Bob has done field sampling and is familiar with the necessary techniques and procedures. Methods development is a major objective of the lab, and he is more than willing to discuss novel ideas with potential collaborators.

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