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A Hierarchical and Modular Approach to the Discovery of Robust Associations
in Genome-Wide Association Studies from Pooled DNA Samples

Paola Sebastiani(1), Zhenming Zhao(1), Maria Abad-Grau(2), Alberto Riva(3), Steven Hartley(1),
Amanda Sedgewick(4), Alessandro Doria(5), Monty Montano(6), Efthymia Melista(6), Dellara Terry(7),
Thomas T Perls(7), Martin H Steinberg(6), Clinton T Baldwin(6).

1–Department of Biostatistics, Boston University School of Public Health.
2–Department of Software Engineering, University of Granada.
3–Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Florida at Gainesville.
4–Bioinformatics Program, Boston University School of Engineering.
5–Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School.
6–Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine.
7–Geriatric Section, Boston Medical Center.

Supplement 1: Calculation of pairwise LD for SNPs in the HumanHap300 (Illumina) using the genotype data of the CEPH and Yoruba parents used for the HapMap project.

Supplement 2: Results of accuracy (compressed folder with one plot per chromosome and reproducibility (

Supplement 3: SNP IDs and B-allele_frequency estimates in CEPH DNA samples:

  • Pools of 30 samples: females, replicate 1; females, replicate 2;males, replicate 1; males, replicate 2;
  • Pools of 45 samples: replicate 1; replicate 2;
  • Pools of 60 samples: replicate 1; replicate 2;
  • updated 8.28.09