Program Kits

Our program kits have everything you need
for a fun event with your peers.

The Art of Stress Relief

stress kit for SHS siteThis program kit gives students a chance to take a break, relax, and be young again! Doing a creative activity like coloring or playing with Play-Doh© is a great way to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Materials Include:

  • Biodot® stress reader and instruction card for each student
  • Pack of Crayola© crayons for each student
  • Container of Play-Doh© for each student
  • Star-shaped stress ball for each student
  • Stress Less Sushi Bar activity book for each student
  • Discussion questions

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Finals Survival Guide - SOLD OUT!

This semester don’t just survive finals, conquer them! Created by the Student Health Ambassadors, this kit provides tips, tricks, and tools to mitigate the stress of finals. It also includes some pick-me-ups to keep you pushing through to the end!

Materials Include:

  • A healthy snack for each student
  • A list of 42 of the best study spots on campus
  • Access to a Spotify motivational playlist
  • #2 pencil for each student
  • Biodot® for each student to check their stress level
  • A treat-yo-self reward for each student
  • Access to a multitude of online resources for Finals success including a goal-setting worksheet, yoga and deep breathing exercises, and studying tips and tricks

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Create a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep kit for SHS siteHelp your peers get their best night sleep with this program kit! Set the mood with free sleep masks, ear plugs, herbal tea, and aromatherapy sachets for each student.

Materials Include:

  • ‘I am Terrier, Hear Me Snore’ sleep mask for each student
  • Bright-colored ear plugs for each student
  • Sleepy Time© herbal tea for each student
  • Materials to create aromatherapy sachets, including organic dried lavender flowers
  • Goodnight Comm Ave booklet with tips for better sleep
  • Discussion questions

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Sexual Health Program Kit – Coming Soon!

sex kit for SHS siteHelp your peers become condom savvy, STI smart, and a pro in the pleasure arena. Also find freebies and ideas for  ways to be intimate without having sex.

Materials Include:

  • Condom Pal condom carrier for each student
  • Condoms and assorted lube for each student
  • A copy of the Condom Fairy Magazine for each student
  • Ways to be intimate without having sex, including freebies for innovative date nights

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Be Rhetty to Party Smart

Provide your peers with tools and resources for drinking responsibly and looking out for other Terriers. The red reusable cup marks standard drink portions for beer, wine, and hard alcohol.

Materials Include:

  • Wallet-sized card with emergency phone numbers and resources for each student
  • Safety tips and blood alcohol charts for each student
  • Rhetty to Party red reusable cup for each student

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