It’s important to talk with your student about drinking before they move on campus. Here are some resources to help you start the conversation.

Many students choose not to drink but will still be exposed to risky drinking during college. It helps if a student knows they can talk to a parent openly about alcohol. A conversation with your student about the effects of alcohol, potential dangers, family history of addiction, and your expectations about their behavior is powerful.

AlcoholEdu for Parents is an online resource from AlcoholEdu for College® with information on:

Tips to Support Your Student with Alcohol

Communication is key!

Showing that you are available to talk and listen can help your student make responsible and healthy choices. We encourage you to start these conversations now.

Expect the best

Discuss expectations about class attendance, study time versus free time, grades, safety, alcohol use, and goals.

Emphasize values

Your family’s values are incredibly important. Restate your hopes and expectations for your student. They need to know how to apply these values to the choices and decisions they will face in college.

Read the Lifebook

Review the University’s policies as a family. Remember that decisions students make now may impact their health and academic goals like study abroad, internships, jobs, and graduate school.