Schedule an Appointment

Boston University students are eligible for free and confidential appointments with clinicians in Wellness & Prevention Services to explore their use of alcohol or other drugs. Our clinicians use a harm-reduction approach to help students reach their personal goals. Our expert staff also help students identify treatment needs and will connect them with appropriate resources and care as needed.

Please note that our services are not available for the purpose of completing a court-mandated or lawyer recommended assessment. Paperwork cannot be provided for this purpose.

If you are looking to fulfill a Boston University sanction or judicial requirement, please refer to your judicial letter to determine which service you should schedule, either a Substance Use Assessment or the CHOICES Alcohol Education Class.

Scheduling a Substance Use Assessment (or BASICS):

To schedule an appointment for a Substance Use Assessment (or BASICS), please call Wellness & Prevention Services at (617) 358-0485.

We are located at 930 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor, Boston MA 02215 (Map)
The building is located on the corner of Pleasant Street and Commonwealth Avenue, across the street from the Agganis Arena. If you enter from Comm Ave., the Wellness Office is located about halfway down the long hallway on the left-hand side. If you enter from Pleasant St., walk through the atrium, past the stairs, and the Wellness Office will be directly to the left.