Ways to Support Your Student

College is a turning point for students and parents alike.

College students are young adults who are responsible for their own decisions and lifestyle.  However, parents play a large role in preparing their child to make responsible decisions.

  • Communication is Key!
    Showing that you are available to talk and listen can help your child to make responsible and healthy choices. We encourage you to start these conversations now.
  • Expect the Best
    Discuss expectations about class attendance, study time vs. free time, grades, how you will keep in touch, safety and using common sense, alcohol use, and goals.
  • Emphasize Values
    Your family’s values have never been more important than now. It is a good idea to restate your hopes and expectations. Your student needs to know how to apply the values you have instilled in them to the choices they will face.
  • Discuss Alcohol & Other Drugs
    Exposure to alcohol and other drugs is a challenge on any college campus. It may be easier for a student if they know they can talk to their parents openly about these challenges. A discussion with your child about the effects of alcohol, potential dangers, family history of addiction, and your expectations around their use of substances can be very powerful.
  • Support the choice not to drink.
    We encourage you to support your student in his or her efforts to either not drink or, if they do choose to drink, to do so in a moderate and responsible way.
  • Read the Lifebook
    Review the University’s policies as a family. Remember that in addition to health-related consequences, decisions students make now may impact their future—including study abroad opportunities, internships, job prospects, and admission to graduate school.

Learn more about Wellness programs and resources available to your student.