Alcohol and Other Drug Programs

We’re working to create an environment that affirms healthy choices.

We are committed to reducing the negative consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use while helping to create a safe and healthy environment for all of our students. We take a comprehensive approach to addressing the dangers of substance misuse both on and off campus and provide the following services through Student Health Services:

CHOICES Alcohol Education Class

In this interactive class, students will learn about the physiological effects of alcohol, protective behaviors, and risk factors and will discuss their own expectations about drinking as well as negative outcomes they would like to avoid if they choose to drink. Making healthy and responsible decisions is a focus of this one-session, 90-minute class.

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BASICS Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

BASICS is an evidence-based brief intervention that provides students with personalized feedback about their substance use. It helps students to think about moderation strategies and how to reduce the negative consequences they have experienced from their use while promoting low-risk behaviors and healthy decisions.

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e-CHUG Electronic Check Up to Go

This 10-minute evidence-based, online personalized feedback tool about alcohol helps students to look at their relationship with alcohol. Responses are anonymous and confidential, so we encourage you to answer honestly.

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e-TOKE Electronic THC Online Knowledge Experience

This brief online intervention is focused on marijuana use. It provides personalized feedback including suggestions for reducing negative consequences associated with use. Responses are anonymous and confidential. e-TOKE only takes 10 minutes to complete.

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Substance Use Assessment

Students can meet individually with one of our clinicians to explore their use of alcohol or other drugs. We use a harm-reduction approach to help students reach their own goals and address any substance-related issues. Our expert staff will help students to identify treatment needs and connect them with appropriate resources and care. Sessions are free and confidential.

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If you are worried about a Boston University student who may have trouble with their use of a substance, do not worry alone. Please call 617-353-3569 and request a consultation on how you may be able to best help them or for support around how their use is affecting you.

Group Support

If you are interested in making changes to your substance use and think a supportive group setting may be right for you, please call Elizabeth Douglas at 617-358-0485 to find out more. This student support group meets weekly throughout the academic year.

Task Force on Alcohol at Boston University

The Task Force on Alcohol is the community-based cornerstone of our strategy to address dangerous alcohol use at Boston University. Its goals have been to use evidence-based interventions to educate and provide care to students, to promote healthier decision making, and to foster a sense of communal responsibility. Our current efforts include environmental policy and practice improvements both on and off campus; consistent and strong enforcement of policy; and brief interventions and treatment for high-risk students.

If you have questions…

  • About a program you are required to complete by Boston University, read more or contact the office you were referred by.
  • About any substance-related services offered through Student Health Services, please call Elizabeth Douglas, LICSW, LADC I, director of Wellness & Prevention Services, at 617-358-0485.
Please Note: These services are free for eligible students at Boston University and are NOT available to students for the purpose of completing a court-mandated requirement. Paperwork cannot be provided for this purpose.