Recorded Webinars & Chats

Listen to our recorded webinars and online chats.

Soar Above Stress
Learn about the physiology of stress, prevention techniques, and coping skills for managing stress.

Sleep, Stress, and Time Management
Learn techniques for managing stress, sleep, and your schedule from professional staff at BU’s Educational Resource Center.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Listen to this audio clip of a guided progressive muscle relaxation exercise to reduce stress.

Keep Your Sleep
Dr. Margaret Ross,  Director of Behavioral Medicine, talks about the importance of sleep and how to ensure a healthy night’s sleep every night.

Understanding Depression
Dr. Margaret Ross, Director of Behavioral Medicine, describes depression, how it affects college students, and shares practical strategies for dealing with depression.

Depression: Q&A
Dr. Margaret Ross, Director of Behavioral Medicine, and Dori Hutchinson, Director of Programming for the Center for Psychiatric Rehab answer students’ questions about depression.

Alcohol and Memory
Liz Doulgas, Manager of Wellness & Prevention Services and licensed AOD counselor, speaks about the philological effects of alcohol on the body.

Think First
Dr. Thilde Ross, a psychiatrist at Student Health Services, and Liz Douglas, Manager of Wellness & Prevention Services, talk about risky use of alcohol and other substances and its impact on sleep and nutrition.

Smoking and the College Student
This chat focuses on the impact of smoking on college student health.

Safe Sex
Dr. Teri Aronowitz, Nurse Practitioner at BU Student Health Services, speaks about how safe sex is sexy.

Healthy Relationships
A Relationship DISH: students’ questions about relationships are answered by a Student Health Ambassador.

Communication, Crisis Intervention, and Relationships
Dr. Maureen Mahoney, Director of the Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center, gives her expert advice on relationships.

Health, Wellness, and Well-Being
Dr. David McBride, Dr. Margret Ross, and Dr. Mark Weber of Student Health Services join together for an open discussion about wellness.

Complementary Alternative Medicine
Dr. Robert Saper, Director of Integrative Medicine at BU and BMC, focuses his talk on holistic health.

Media Impact on Body Image
Dr. Kate Ackerman of Children’s Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital joins us for this chat about the media impact on body image with a focus on disordered eating among athletes.

Body Image
Dr. Heather Thompson-Brenner, a respected professional in the field of disordered eating and body image, talks about how media can impact body image.