Disaster & Traumatic Event Resources

Please click one of the links below for assistance with recovering from a disaster and/or traumatic event.  Resources are also available by contacting the Behavioral Medicine office at 617-353-3569.

Recovering Emotionally:  Information and assistance with recovering emotionally.

Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for recovering from disaster and other traumatic events.

Emotion Health: Taking care of your emotional health after a disaster.

Support Groups: Several group counseling sessions have been arranged to serve students who have been affected by disaster and traumatic events.

If you are interested in working to arrange another support group, please contact Sarah Voorheese at SARP or Mitzi Kane at Behavioral Medicine.

Though group counseling is a preferred method for assisting survivors of trauma, students can also call to inquire about individual support at the following numbers.

  • Mitzi Kane at Student Health Services, 617-353-3569
  • Bonnie Brown at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, 617-353-9610.
  • The Danielsen Institute, 617-353-3047.
  • SARP, 617-353-7227.
  • For funded graduate students, Faculty and Staff Assistance Office, 617-353-5381.