Primary Care (Medical)

From coughs and colds to asthma and acne, we have a staff of expert clinicians to meet your medical needs in a caring and confidential environment. Please call Student Health Services to find out when your preferred provider will be here to see you. Please let the Reception Staff know which clinician you prefer to see. Waiting time will usually be longer during peak-demand hours, but we will work to take care of your problem as efficiently as possible and get you back to doing what you want to do.

Our medical services include:

If you have an acute problem such as a yeast infection, call to make a same-day appointment or call to set up a routine gynecological exam or for a discussion of birth control. Please tell us your preference to be seen by a particular provider or a female provider.

This includes routine physicals or care for common problems that men encounter.

Boston University students express a spectrum of sexual and gender identities…not everyone fits neatly into the traditional boxes!  Our providers strive to be sensitive to and address the sexuality and gender concerns that our students bring.  We are happy to discuss these issues with you during your visit.  If we lack the expertise to deliver the best care to you, we’ll work with you to find a local provider who is able.

Our Sports Medicine specialist can assist with managing musculoskeletal injuries and other sport-related problems.

Such as toenail excisions, drainage of abscesses, some mole removals, treatment of warts, and others.

SHS has an onsite lab performing limited testing. We send specimens to an outside reference lab for processing. Coverage for laboratory tests is dependent on your insurance.

Massage therapy is offered at SHS by appointment with Sha Hannah-Santo, LMT. Sha is an experienced therapist who can help with issues of chronic pain, stress, and general well-being. ½ hour and 1 hour massages are available to BU students at a discounted rate. Please contact via or call 617-686-0549.

SHS has a network of specialists in the area to whom we refer.

We collaborate with the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center to provide nutrition services to Boston University students.

Travel Medicine Services are available by appointment at the following sites:

  • BU Charles River Medical Practice (930 Commonwealth Ave.): 617-414-6800
  • Boston Medical Center (BMC): 617-414-4290
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 617-278-8100
  • Mt. Auburn Hospital (Cambridge): 617-499-5757
  • Mass. General Hospital (MGH): 617-724-6454
  • St. Elizabeth’s Hospital: 617-789-2430
  • Passport Health (Cambridge): 617-418-3675

For students doing international research or educational experiences that involve patient contact or contact with blood borne pathogens, please refer to the following guidelines.

SHS does not provide allergy shots, though we do maintain a list of local practices that provide this service.  To obtain an updated list, log on to, click “Messages”, then “New Message” then “Ask a Nurse”.

SHS does not have a satellite site on the Medical Campus.  Though you are welcome at SHS on the Charles River Campus, it is important to know that Medical Campus students with the Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna Student Health) DO NOT need a referral from SHS before receiving care.  Feel free to book an appointment with a Primary Care Provider, Specialist or Mental Health Provider on or near the Medical Campus, if that is more convenient than a trip to Commonwealth Avenue.  Just be sure that the provider is in the Aetna network.


  • Department of Family Medicine, Yawkey Ambulatory Care Center, 4th Floor, 617-414-2080
  • Primay Care/General Internal Medicine, Shapiro Center, 5/6th Floors, 617-414-5951
  • Primary Care/Women’s Health Group, Shapiro Center, 5th Floor, 617-414-5951
  • Boston University Affiliated Physicians in Copley Square, 575 Boylston Street, 6th Floor, 617-414-9600
  • South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington Street, 617-425-2000,
  • Whittier Street Health Center, 1290 Tremont Street, 617-427-1000,