Insurance & Billing

Financial Responsibility

There is no office visit fee at Student Health Services (SHS) by staff physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurses. Students are financially responsible, however, for some drugs, immunizations, supplies, and some laboratory tests provided at SHS or sent out to our reference laboratory. Please see our fee schedule (2012) for more information.


Boston University offers a Student Health Insurance Plan, which provides excellent coverage for most medical and mental health problems that college students encounter. Visit the Aetna Student Health website for more information. For updates related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) visit Aetna’s new website, What Do I Really Need to Know?, which provides videos, interactive tools, and information to help students navigate their health insurance options.

Massachusetts law requires that all full-time students and students who participate in at least 75 percent of the full-time curriculum must have medical insurance. Regardless of your current coverage, you will automatically be billed for the insurance offered through Boston University. This plan provides coverage for most typical problems that students encounter while at college. If you wish to reject this insurance and have the charge removed from your bill, you must submit a Medical Insurance Waiver. For more information on Medical Insurance or to submit a Waiver, please visit Student Accounting Services.

It is extremely important that you have insurance coverage that will pay for medical care in the Boston area. Many out-of-area insurance companies are restrictive about what services they will pay for when you are away from home. Please ask specifically what services are covered by your insurance company prior to coming to campus. Your insurance should have equal coverage or better for medical and psychiatric services if you plan to waive the University insurance.

Students Who Enroll in the University Insurance Plan

The University’s insurance plan (Aetna Student Health), like most insurance plans, may not pay for all of your care.  Please review your benefits to determine what services are covered.  This information is available at the Aetna Student Health website.  Here you can print an identification card, view your plan, or find a doctor.  You can also click on member and register for Aetna Navigator.  Once registered, you can view your claims, find cost of care, and access other useful tools.

If you are enrolled in the University’s insurance plan through Aetna Student Health, most of your services provided at Student Health Services will be billed to your plan automatically.

Students Who Do Not Enroll in the University Insurance Plan

Students are financially responsible for all services outside Student Health Services and for all lab fees and immunizations at Student Health Services. If you are being referred to a specialist for an X-ray or for any other services outside Student Health Services and you waived the University’s insurance plan (Aetna Student Health), call your insurance company or your parents to find out whether your insurance will pay for it. If your insurance will not cover the cost of this care, you will be responsible for these bills.


Patient Connect gives you access to send the Insurance Coordinator a message regarding insurance, billing questions, or to schedule an appointment.