About Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is a center designed to help meet your health care needs while at Boston University. Our departments currently include Primary Care, Sports Medicine, and Behavioral Medicine service by appointment or on an emergency basis, and Crisis Intervention Counselors. We have a Department of Wellness & Prevention Services, which includes Alcohol and Other Drug evaluation and education, as well as general health education. The Athletic Training Services Department at Boston University is a part of the SHS family. We are here to help address your immediate and ongoing health care needs, and our list of services is actively growing.

You may use Student Health Services if you are:

  1. A full-time BU student, regardless of your insurance choice.
  2. A student who participates in at least 9 credit hours.
  3. Any student with the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  4. A summer student or a participant in one of the high school summer programs.