Surfing or researching?
What is a subscription database?
How do I choose a database?
How do I search?
By keyword
Boolean search
Use a thesaurus
Setting limits
Search History
How do I find full text?
Social Sciences Full Text
Self-grading quiz - How do I choose a database?

1) Navigation links that bring the user directly to subscription databases are found on the top page of the B.U. Libraries’ site under

a) Services
b) Research Tools
c) How To
e) Facts and Services

2) All Research Guides are available
a) through branch libraries only
b) through
c) through the library catalog
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

3) Subscription databases can be found in

a) the library catalog
b) Indexes and Databases
c) Quick Links
d) E-Resources by Subject
e) all of the above

4) eResources are listed under

a) Research Tools
b) Services
c) About
d) News & Announcements
e) none of the above

5) Branch libraries include all of the following except:

a) Education
b) Music
c) Science and Engineering
d) Management
e) Political Science

6) Library users can find help in which of the following ways:

b) 617 353 3704
c) using “How To” on the Mugar webpage
d) all of the above