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What is a subscription database?
How do I choose a database?
How do I search?
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How do I find full text?
Social Sciences Full Text
Self-grading quiz 2 - What is a subscription database?
1) Subscription databases may
a) specialize in one discipline
b) be multidisciplinary
c) contain primary research studies
d) contain book and software reviews
e) all of the above

2) Which of the following is true?
a) Full-text journals can be found primarily in subscription databases
b) Subscription databases only contain abstracts of journal articles
c) All journals available on the world wide web are free
d) Subscription databases only contain peer-reviewed journals
e) none of the above

3) A subscription database:
x- is a collection of records which may be searched by author, subject, or date y- may only cover certain subjects, publications or years of publication z-may contain citations, abstracts and links to full-text articles.

a) all of the above
b) none of the above
c) x and z
d) x and y
e) y and z

4) The following databases belong to the Wilson “family” except:

a) Business Full-text
b) Sociological Abstracts
c) Social Sciences Full-text
d) Education Full-text
e) Art Index