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How do I choose a database?
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3.1 Use features of the B.U. Libraries’ website to locate and choose databases.

B 3.1 a. Subscription databases can be found in

a) the library catalog
b) Indexes and Databases
c) Quick Links
d) E-Resources by Subject
e) all of the above

B 3.1 b. E-Resources are listed under

a) Research Tools
b) Services
c) About
d) News & Announcements
e) none of the above
3.2 Use branch libraries

B 3.2 a. Branch libraries include all of the following except:

a) Education
b) Music
c) Science and Engineering
d) Management
e) Political Science
3.3 Ask for help

B 3.3 a. Patrons can find help in which of the following ways:

b) 617 353 3704
c) using “How To” on the Mugar webpage
d) all of the above