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Surfing or researching?

1. Evaluate a web site for authority, accuracy, currency, and relevance.

Be aware of  criteria: authority, accuracy, currency, relevance.

Apply criteria for evaluating a web site to a web site found using a Google search.

2. Navigate the B.U. Libraries web site

*Access the B.U. site locally or remotely

*Access subscription databases

*Access Research Guides

*Access the B.U. site locally or remotely

*Access E-journals

3. Locate information relevant to my research interests.

Identify 2 subscription databases that are relevant to my research interests.

Identify 2 peer-reviewed journals that are relevant to my research interests.

What is a subscription database?

1. Identify citations

*Locate a bibliographic citation

*Distinguish between a citation for a book and for a journal


2. Find a journal article

Locate an abstract

Locate full-text journal articles

Find government documents

Find statistical data    
Find newspaper articles    
Identify a family of databases that fit my research needs.    
How do I choose a database?

1. Use Research Tools on the B.U. Libraries web site

*Library Catalog
*Research Guides

*Library Catalog
*Research Guides

2. Use branch web sites    

3. Ask for help

Find Reference Desk phone numbers and e-mail

Use ask-a-librarian

How do I search?

1. Choose and use search level

Perform a basic search using one search word or term.

Perform an advanced search using Boolean logic (and, or, not.).


2. Use effective search word(s)

Access the thesaurus (if provided by the database) and find search term(s) using broader, narrower terms and related terms or cross-references (See and See also)

Use search terms from a search result (e.g., the descriptors or subjects listed at the end of an abstract and key words found in other fields of a journal article (title, author, key words in abstract.)


3. Limit your search

Limit the search by publication year(s).

Limit the search by language and/or document type.


4. Access my search history

View the search terms used and the number of hits for each search

E-mail, print and/or save my search history.

How do I find full text?