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How do I choose a database?
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Activity #1: Use Research Tools on the B.U. Libraries web site

Access Indexes and Databases, E-Journals, Reference Shelf

Go to the B.U. Libraries page and go to:

*Indexes and Databases page. Choose a journal and record its name. Click on “About” and record two facts about the database. Record where this database is available.
*E-Journals. Record the names of three e-journals that are relevant to your research interest or question.
*Research Guide. Choose one guide and record one print and one electronic resource listed in that guide.

Activity #2: Use branch web sites
Activity #3: Ask for help

Use ask-a-librarian

Surfing or researching? Basic Advanced
What is a subscription database?  Basic Advanced
 How do I choose a database? Basic Advanced
How do I search? Basic Advanced
How do I find full text? Basic Advanced
Demonstrations Basic Advanced