Table of Exercises / Assessments in Show Me - Module 2

What is a subscription database?
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Activity #1: Recognize the features of a subscription database.

A 2.1 a.  Go to Indexes and Databases and choose a database. Use the following checklist to find its features. Write Yes if you find the feature; write No if you do not.

_____ 1. Basic and Advanced searching
_____ 2. At least 2 ways to limit a search
_____ 3. Thesaurus
_____ 4. Search history
_____ 5. Citation/Abstract
_____ 6. Full-text
_____ 7. Email, print and/or download
_____ 8. Search across more than one database simultaneously

Activity #2: Identify citations
A 2.2 a.  Go to a Wilson Web database (Education Full-text, Art Index, Sociological Abstracts Full-text…). Perform a search on “dyslexia”and print out 2 records: one for a journal article (feature) and one for a book. Underline the citation information.
Activity #3: Recognize the record for a journal article.

A 2.3 a. Go to a database of your choice. Perform a search and identify a record for a journal article. Print it out and underline/highlight all the information you need to locate the article in a journal housed in a library.

Activity #4: Recognize non-journal documents and statistical data.

A 2.4 a. Go to GPO (Government Printing Office) database and perform a search. Print out a record with a bibliographic citation and abstract for a government document.

A 2.4 b. Go to Lexis Nexis Statistical Universe. Perform a search and print out a record that has statistical data. Circle the statistical data in the record.

Activity #5: Recognize a family of databases that fit my research needs. A 2.5 a. Identify a research need or field/academic discipline and use the Electronic Resources by Subject lists. Create "My Database Guide" that lists 2 databases that meet your research needs or interests. Go to Indexes and Databases and look up each database. Read the "About" feature and edit your original list, adding and deleting atabases until you have found 3 that are best suited for your needs.
Surfing or researching? Basic Advanced
What is a subscription database?  Basic Advanced
 How do I choose a database? Basic Advanced
How do I search? Basic Advanced
How do I find full text? Basic Advanced
Demonstrations Basic Advanced