Surfing or researching?
What is a subscription database?
How do I choose a database?
How do I search?
By keyword
Boolean search
Use a thesaurus
Setting limits
Search History
How do I find full text?
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About Show Me

Show Me is a brief series of modular units designed to help students understand

1) how to effectively use specific subscription databases to complete course assignments;
2) the context of commercial subscription databases within the greater Internet framework;
3) theoretical concepts of boolean logic and problem solving techniques inherent in all research.

In recognition of different learning styles and needs, the modules have been designed to work in nonlinear ways. This summary list takes you directly to the assessment module for each assignment, and explains the goals underlying these assignments. The assessments are of two types:
1) self-pacing and 2) instructor feedback, where the student is expected to either print out results or email them to the Instructor. Both assessment models are entirely optional for students and Instructors.

The entire showme module (without feedback assessments) takes only 18 minutes to review.