BU Shanghai Staff

Dr. Allison Rottmann

Allison Rottmann, Director

Allison Rottmann first began directing BU’s Shanghai programs at Fudan University for the Spring 2009 semester.  She is a Chinese historian and has been a visiting foreign expert at Fudan University and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.  Professor Rottmann’s teaching and research interests include Shanghai history, gender in Chinese history, and the 1949 Revolution.  Her Ph.D. in history is from the University of California at Berkeley, and she has a law degree from Duke University School of Law.  She discovered her passion for China while studying international relations at George Washington University.  Professor Rottmann first lived in China in 1985.  Since then, she has enjoyed sharing her passion for Chinese culture and history (and food and tea).  She often teaches history courses for BUSA Shanghai, along with the Internship Seminar.

Zhu Yu

Zhu Yu, Office Manager

Zhu Yu has made her career in the fields of human resources and accounting, with a specialization in dealing with foreign firms in China.  She is the manager of the BU Shanghai office and keeps our staff and office functioning in many ways, from pay checks to contracts to business regulations to tax issues.  As a 上海人, her local knowledge is often invaluable and she’s happy to share it with students.  When not busy handling our office affairs, Zhu Yu enjoys traveling.


赵越的照片 009

Zhao Yue, Language Coordinator

Zhao Yue earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Xi’an University of Science and Technology in 2009.  After graduation, she decided to specialize in the field of language teaching  and become a Chinese language teacher.  In 2012, she gained her Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from South China Normal University in Guangzhou.   Zhao Yue taught Chinese  for Princeton University’s  Beijing Intensive Immersion Program in 2011 before joining BU Study Abroad in the summer of 2012.  The following year she was promoted to Language Coordinator and is now responsible for managing the Chinese classes and faculty at the BU Shanghai Center.


Li Mingyan 2

Li Mingyan, Program Coordinator

Shanghai native Li Mingyan studied International Politics as an undergraduate at Fudan University and then continued her education in this speciality at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.  After earning her master’s degree and living for six years in the United States, she returned to Shanghai in 20101 to begin her career in the field of educational programming and human resources management.  In addition to her cross-cultural knowledge, she’s also an accomplished translator and  free-lance writer who’s frequently published in ELLE China and other magazines.  As program coordinator, Mingyan plans and leads student life and cultural educational activities for the BU Shanghai Programs.  She will guide you to excellent adventures!