Fudan Facilities

Fudan old gate

Students receive a Fudan ID usually within the second week of the Fudan semester.  The Fudan ID gives access to almost all campus facilities like the cafeteria, library, gym, and campus wifi. The ID is yours to keep.  If your ID is lost or stolen please inform a staff and we will help the student replace it. It will cost rmb 20 to replace an ID.

Almost all of students’ elective classes will take place at Wenke building or surrounding classroom buildings where our partner Fudan SSDPP is situated at.  Wenke classroom building is located on Handan Road, cross street is Guonian Road.

Wenke Building

Fudan Gyms:

There are two Fudan gyms located on campus. One at North campus close to Tonghe apartments. Another one is located by Wenke Building on Zhengxiu Road and Guoquan Road at South campus. Students are usually required to show their ID to enter and use facilities. A swimming pool is available at the gym on South campus but only open during the summer months of June to August. Students would need to swipe their ID to use the pool since it is not free. Fees are rmb 30 for 4 hours. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your student card.

Fudan South campus gym

Inside gym

Past students have commented that the equipment is basic and the machines at the gyms are dated. There are no cardio machines such as treadmill or elliptical machine. Many students also prefer to sign up for a membership at private gyms around Wujiaochang.

Tonghe Gym:

There is a very small gym at Tonghe located next to building 16. There is only 3 machines and weights for use. The monthly fee is rmb 80 per month. To sign up, please go to the Tonghe front desk.

Private Gyms:

For those who like or prefer a gym with complete facilities similar to BU campus’s Fitrec, we recommend signing up for a private gym membership. There are two reputable 2 private gyms located in the Wujiaochang area.

  • 10 Tetra Fitness Club on Daxue Road 大学路 by Jinchuang Road 锦创路
  • 10 Tetra Wellness Club at the Bailian Mall on 8 Songhu Road 淞沪路 8th floor

A membership to one of the above gyms usually costs around rmb 1000 for three and half months. The price of a membership can be bargained.

Fudan has two main cafeterias located on campus. One is located across our BU office on Guoding Road and another close by Tonghe.  Chinese meals are offered three times daily: 7am to 9:30 am for breakfast, 11 am to 1 pm for lunch, and 5 pm to 7:30 pm for dinner.  There is a variety of fresh Chinese dishes served during dining hours including vegetarian options. There is kosher dining available at the North campus cafeteria.  Students pay according to the dishes selected and the amount of food.  An average meal at the cafeteria costs rmb 10 which is equivalent to $1.60 (for 3 sides and rice).

There are many dining options around campus from fast food to restaurants to local joints for students who do not want to eat at the cafeteria.  Many students enjoy eating quick noodles, or a roujiamou (meat bun from Xi’an), or sipping on a cup of milk tea after class. A  good area for this is the side street next to the Wenke classroom building.

Please note: A meal plan is not provided during your semester in Shanghai.  Students would need to charge money onto their cards in order to eat at the cafeterias.

Click to download the Fudan campus map

Fudan University is a huge urban campus similar to Boston University. Unlike BU’s campus, it is gated. We often reference to different areas of Fudan by its gates.  For example the Fudan gate closest to our BU office we call “Guoding Road gate” or the one nearby the student’s classroom building is the “Main campus gate”.

Fudan main gate

Guonian Road

Our students are housed in private apartments right by campus. Getting to class is usually about a 15 to 20 minute walk or 5 minutes by public bus.  We often recommend students purchasing a second hand bike for the semester for a faster commute, though one does need to keep in mind that road rules are a bit different than in the U.S..  Bicycle is still a very popular mode of transportation for Chinese university students.  Almost every Fudan university student owns a bike on campus.

For those who prefer not to bike, using public transportation is also an excellent choice. A bus ride costs a flat rate of 2 kuai to go anywhere.  There is no Fudan campus shuttle bus; only a bus that shuttles to the downtown Fenglin campus in Xujiahui.

Shanghai is a great walking city. Always things to see.