Internship Questionnaire

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  • This form needs to be completed and returned within two weeks. Fill the form out carefully and thoughtfully to assist the internship staff in finding an appropriate placement for you. Failure to submit this form will delay the placement process.

    Placements are dependent on what opportunities are available as well as the experience and qualifications of each student. The information you provide will offer initial guidelines for the internship staff; placements will be explored but not arranged or finalized until after you have arrived in your program site and met with staff to discuss options. You are urged to be flexible and explore the whole range of possibilities developed by the internship staff. While we are not able to guarantee your first choice, every effort will be made to place you in your desired field. It is important that you bring copies of your CV in the correct format (see your country's format) and any relevant interview materials such as a portfolio with you to your program site. Please note that students on domestic programs, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, have support from the internship staff and are given leads but it is up to the students to find their own internship for the semester or summer term.

  • Internship Questions

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  • Allowed file types are Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx), PDFs (.pdf), or text files (.txt).