Special Issue: Environment: Awareness, Exchange, and Impact

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Rebecca Arnheim and Bailey Benson



Rebecca Arnheim and Bailey Benson


reclaimed by nature

Rachel Kase

Seventeenth-Century Dutch Winter Landscapes: Visual Encounters with Non-Sites, Space, and Place


Tobah Aukland-Peck

Small Twigs and Withered Plants: Mimesis and Miniaturization in World War I Landscape


Willie Granston, Rachel Kase, and Tobah Aukland-Peck

Video Conversation


claiming spaces

Mingqian Liu

Public Perceptions of Preservation Policies and Practices in Historic Residential Neighborhood: A Case of Dongsi, Beijing, China


Amanda Thompson

A Sustaining Cherokee Basket: Colonial and Indigenous Resistance


Phillippa Pitts, Mingqian Liu, and Amanda Thompson

Video Conversation


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