editorial board


kimber chewning, senior editor

Kimber Chewning is a doctoral student studying the history of photography and contemporary art. Her research interests include vernacular image production, theories of temporality, and alternative forms of subject formation. In her spare time, she likes biking, going to local music shows, nurturing a new interest in yoga, and making small art books with friends.


lauren graves, senior editor

Lauren Graves is a doctoral student studying the history of photography.  Her research explores the intersections between documentary photography and architecture, examining the roles that twentieth-century photographs have played in constructing notions of place and shaping Americans’ relationships to the built environment.


alison terndrup, senior editor

Alison Terndrup is a doctoral student studying the history of Ottoman painting. Her research focuses on the role of art in cross-cultural exchanges, with a particular interest in the diplomatic and propagandistic functions of public-facing imperial portraiture produced under the auspices of Ottoman Sultan Maḥmūd II (r. 1808-1839).  In her spare time she fosters adoptable dogs and sews them tiny clothes. 


bailey benson, junior editor

Bailey Benson is a doctoral student studying the art of the ancient Mediterranean world, with a focus on Roman portraiture. Her research interests include patronage in the ancient world, the role of women in Greek and Roman societies, and topics concerning classical reception in later periods. 


defne kirmizi, junior editor

Defne Kirmizi is a doctoral student studying the contemporary art scene in Turkey. Her research interests include history of exhibitions, globalization and postcolonial theory, and urban politics. She is an avid supporter of independent movie theatres, an urban cyclist, children’s literature enthusiast, and a novice Lindy hopper.


editors emeriti

Kelsey Gustin, 2017-2018

Joseph Saravo, 2016-2018

Lydia Harrington, 2016-2017

Erin McKellar, 2014-2017

Jordan Karney Chaim, 2015-2017

Sasha Goldman, 2015-2017

Steve Burges, 2014-2016

Ewa Matyczyk, 2014-2016

Beth Pugliano, 2013-2015

Martina Tanga, 2013-2015

Naomi Slipp, 2014-2015