Work-Study Award Amount

Work-Study awards are issued on the assumption that students will use the allocated amount throughout the entire Academic Year or Summer Program, but supervisors should discuss with students the duration of employment, as well as whether they will have multiple Work-Study jobs.

Work-Study Earnings Charts are provided to help supervisors and students establish weekly work schedules that enable students to work without exceeding their Maximum Earnings Levels. Earnings Charts are updated in late August for the Academic Year Program and in mid-April for the Summer Program.

It is the responsibility of both the supervisor and the student to ensure that the student does not exceed his or her Work-Study award amount. On-campus supervisors can view Work-Study balance information on the Business Link under Student Employee Information. Students can view their balances on the Student Link Work tab, under Work-Study Award Information or View Salary Statement.

Students who have reached their Work-Study award amount are no longer eligible to work on the Work-Study program. Supervisors may opt, however, to continue employing such students by paying them through departmental funds.

Direct students who wish to appeal for more Work-Study funding to the Student Employment Office.