Automatic Rehire (Work-Study)

Student Payroll systematically rehires eligible Work-Study students into the upcoming summer and/or academic year program, thus eliminating the need for supervisors to rehire their returning Work-Study students. Supervisors may opt not to rehire certain students based on performance concerns; likewise, students may opt not to continue in their jobs.

Students remain eligible to return to their previous Work-Study jobs only if they continue to receive Work-Study funding as part of their financial aid packages.

In April/May, supervisors receive reports identifying students currently working in their departments who are eligible for rehire. For summer rehire, only students with a Summer Work-Study award are included.

Indicate on each report which students you do not intend to rehire for the specified program. We assume that supervisors who do not return this report want to rehire all students listed.

Throughout August, before the start of the Academic Year Program, Work-Study staff sends supervisors and payroll coordinators a report of students who have been automatically rehired. Review the information to make sure it is correct (job number, longevity increase, rate, distribution, check destination, etc.).

If any information is not accurate, contact your payroll coordinator to have it corrected. When the student reports to work at the beginning of the academic year, he or she can start work immediately; no other paperwork is needed.

The academic year rehire process is ongoing throughout the month of August as students accept their Work-Study awards.

If a returning student is not on the report, he or she has not been automatically rehired. Refer the student to Work-Study to confirm that he or she has received a Work-Study award, and then request that your payroll coordinator rehire the student via Student Employment section of the Business Link.

Reason Resolution
The student did not have Work-Study earnings in the Spring (i.e. was studying abroad, was hired in the summer, or ran out of Work-Study). Follow your department’s procedure for rehiring Work-Study students.
The job was inactivated during the summer. Follow your department’s procedure for hiring the student into a new job number. Be sure to add the necessary longevity increase.
Student does not have a Work-Study award. Follow your department’s procedure to hire the student departmentally (100% department-paid). Be sure to add the necessary longevity increase.
The supervisor or the student requested that the rehire not take place. No action required.
The student is departmentally paid. The automatic rehire program only covers Work-Study students. Follow your department’s procedure for rehiring departmentally-paid students.