Timesheets for all hourly-paid student workers must be submitted weekly. Supervisors are responsible for approving student timesheets and routing them to payroll coordinators on schedule. Written documentation is required for all late payment requests.

Supervisors must monitor students’ work hours and ensure that they have accurately completed their timesheets. If you are not present at all times when students are working, establish a system (such as a daily log in/out record) that will allow you to verify students’ arrival and departure times. In addition, supervisors should be able to verify that students are performing the expected work during each shift.

Any student who works more than forty hours in a weekat BU is paid time and a half for overtime. Overtime hours for Work-Study students must be paid entirely with departmental funds. Work-Study will not cover overtime.

When an early payroll deadline notice is issued, students are asked to complete timesheets “in anticipation of hours worked.” Supervisors should ensure that students actually work the hours they’ve recorded in advance.

If a student reports hours incorrectly, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to speak with him or her about this discrepancy.

Report cases of timesheet fraud to Student Employment immediately.