Supervisors may terminate a student for poor performance, gross misconduct, or lack of available work. When a student leaves a job voluntarily, for example to take another position or to study abroad, the termination process must also be followed.

You may refer terminated students to Student Employment to seek assistance in finding another job. When referring a terminated student, notify the Student Employment Services Manager with the student’s name and the details of the termination so that he or she may receive appropriate assistance.

You may terminate a student for performance issues such as poor attendance, lack of skills, or other reasons.

In most cases, you should discuss the performance issues with the student and allow a reasonable time frame for improvement before deciding to terminate. We recommend issuing the student a written notification that reviews the specific problem areas.

If the student has been informed of your concerns and subsequently fails to improve, you may proceed with termination. If possible, you should give a student two weeks’ notice before the termination date.

Immediate termination of a student employee is expected for gross misconduct, which includes (but is not limited to) timesheet fraud, violations of University information technology policies, or harassment. Refer these cases immediately to the Work-Study Manager or the Student Job Service Manager. Gross misconduct may also result in referral to the Office of the Dean of Students, loss of financial assistance, and/or expulsion from the University.

If shifting workloads necessitate terminating students for lack of work, refer the affected students to Student Employment for assistance in finding another job.

Be sure to inform students that their termination is not a reflection of their work performance and that they will have ample time to find another position before their termination date.

The payroll coordinator must process all terminations through the Terminations function on the Student Employment section of the Business Link.

If the reason for termination is negative and the student is a Work-Study recipient, we request that the supervisor contact the Work-Study Manager or Student Payroll Manager to discuss the termination.

01 Misconduct 80 School/Work Conflict
02 Poor Performance 81 Graduation
03 Unsatisfactory Skills 82 Withdrawn/Not Enrolled
04 Unsatisfactory Attendance 83 Work-Study Award Reached
48 Job Dissatisfaction 84 Job End-Date Reached
49 Seek Another Job 85 Non-Full-Time F1/J1 Visa
50 Abandoned Job 86 End of Semester
52 Other