Post a Work-Study Job

Existing Work-Study jobs can be posted via the Business Link function Maintain Existing Work-Study Jobs.

Always review a position’s job description and make any necessary updates before posting it. Identify positions by their job numbers.

Students may view open positions on the Student Link three times a year (fall, spring, and summer). Work-Study Dates and Deadlines includes exact dates of availability for each semester.

Please use Maintain Existing Work-Study Jobs to remove the job listing as soon as the position has been filled. You may hire as many students as needed into each job number.

If you do not have access to the Business Link, you can list, maintain, or remove a job by contacting Work-Study.

If you do not know the job number for a position, contact your department’s Payroll Coordinator.

To create a new Work-Study job, use Create a New Work-Study Job in the Student Employment section of the Business Link. Once Work-Study approves the job, you will receive an e-mail confirmation which includes the job number.

Use the Job Classification Guide to assist with assigning grade level and job title.

Note: Supervisors cannot access the Work-Study Job Directory on the Student Link. Only students who have a Work-Study award may view available positions. Supervisors can view their Work-Study job listings and posting status via Maintain Existing Work-Study Jobs.