Posting a Job

Post a job with the Student Job Service.

Remove your job once you have hired a student, repost to continue your listing, or edit your job at any time.

View our Job Posting Guide for step-by-step instructions, tips, and things to keep in mind when posting with the Student Job Service.

All BU students enrolled in a degree program have access to Part-Time and Quick Job listings on the Student Link. Earnings of students hired through the Part-Time Job listings are charged 100% to the hiring department.

Post a Work-Study Job
BU students with a Federal Work-Study award have access to the Work-Study Job Directory three times a year (fall, spring, and summer). Work-Study Dates and Deadlines includes exact dates of availability for each semester.

For the largest pool of candidates, you may choose to post with both the Student Job Service and Work-Study.

E-mail us the Work-Study job number of the position and indicate that you want the position posted in both locations.