Work-Study Overview

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Work-Study is a federally-funded financial aid program administered by Boston University. It is designed to provide access to employment, helping students meet educational expenses. Participants also gain valuable work experience while helping the University and nonprofit organizations meet their staffing needs.

The program is not intended to provide students with opportunities to study while at work.

Boston University departments that hire Work-Study students incur a charge of 30% of those students’ earnings. The Federal Work-Study Program funds the remaining 70%.

Program dates are:

Program Starts Ends
Academic Year First week of fall classes Commencement Day
Summer Day after Commencement Sunday before the first week of fall classes

Work-Study Awards

Work-Study is awarded to eligible students as part of their financial aid packages. Work-Study awards are distributed for each program (academic year and summer) and are not transferable.

Students apply for academic-year Work-Study by indicating their interest in working on the FAFSA form. BU Financial Assistance selects as many participants as funding allows, based on students’ financial need.

Students must submit a Summer Work-Study application to the Work-Study Office in order to request a Summer Work-Study award.

All undergraduate Work-Study students are paid hourly, while graduate students may be paid either hourly or monthly, depending on the job. A student’s gross earnings are automatically subtracted from his or her Work-Study Award Amount, until either the Maximum Earnings Level is reached or the program ends.

Adjustment or Cancellation

If a student’s eligibility changes at any time during the academic year or summer program, BU Financial Assistance may need to adjust or cancel his or her Work-Study award. Circumstances which may require this include, but are not limited to, withdrawal from the University, failure to maintain a satisfactory grade point average, or the addition of financial assistance from outside sources.