National Student Employment Week

April 13, 2019 – April 19, 2019

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Show your appreciation for all the hard work and support your student employees provide for you and your office!

How to Participate!

Below are some ways our office celebrates student workers:

  • Send students personalized thank you notes to acknowledge their hard work
  • Display a large “thank you” bulletin board/poster in a prominent office space
  • Design awards or certificates for each of your students: “Best Customer Service”; “Most Likely to Volunteer for Extra Shifts”; “Best Sense of Humor”
  • Host a pizza or sundae party
  • Create a large thank you note and have your staff sign it
  • Play trivia or other quiz games and award small prizes
  • Host a coloring or craft contest. Have everyone vote on the winner
  • Take your students out to lunch
  • Have themed days like “Trivia Tuesday,” or “Fiesta Friday”
  • Have a snack table and keep it stocked through the week

Have fun and be creative showing your appreciation.

Take this time to thank your students for a job well done!

Please contact us with any questions! 617‐353‐3594 or