Hiring Students Without Social Security Numbers

All employees of Boston University must have a valid Social Security number. International students may begin working and may be paid while their application for a Social Security number is being processed (see note below).

Any student employee who does not have a valid Social Security number must obtain one from the Social Security Administration.

Students in an F-1 visa status must provide proof of employment when they apply for a Social Security number. The hiring department must complete a Certification of F-1 Student On-Campus Employment for Social Security Number Application and must print the certification on departmental letterhead. The student must then have this form certified by the ISSO before bringing it to the Social Security Administration.

When entering hiring information for a student without a Social Security number, enter 000000000 in the Social Security number field.

Departments should contact Student Payroll at seo@bu.edu if they have questions.

Note: Students who have not yet received their Social Security numbers must pick their paychecks up at Student Payroll. Also, students may not apply for a tax treaty or direct deposit until they have Social Security numbers.