Key Points for Completing Form I-9

All student employees must complete a Form I-9 to work at Boston University and it is vital that these forms be filled out accurately and in a timely manner.  This form is required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Form I-9 may be found here. Only pages 7 and 8 need to be completed. Please print double sided, if possible. If not, please do not use staples. Do not attach any other forms or documents to the I-9.

A handbook is available for employers and provides guidance on completing the Form I-9.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing the Form I-9 with your student employees, please call the Student Employment Office at 617-353-3594.

I-9 Completion Tips

  1. If a student has previously completed a Form I-9 at Boston University as a student employee, they do NOT need to complete a new one.
  2. ALL international students (indicated as “an alien authorized to work” on the I-9) MUST complete their Form I-9 with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) located at 888 Commonwealth Avenue. Student Employment cannot process international student I-9s sent by departments other than the ISSO.
  3. Student employees should complete Section 1 of the Form I-9. Please be sure the student signs and dates the form. Section 1 must be completed by the student no later than the first day of employment.
  4. Students do not need to fill out the Social Security Number, E-mail Address, or Telephone Number fields of the form. They should write “N/A” to indicate that they are leaving these blank. “N/A” should also be filled out if the student does not have any other names used.  Please do not fill in any of these fields on the student’s behalf; the student must complete Section 1 on their own.
  5. Be sure to write the student’s last name, first name, and middle initial at the beginning of Section 2.  This field is frequently missed.
  6. Supervisors/employers must complete Section 2 of the form by viewing student identification. The student must be present when identifications are reviewed. A list of acceptable IDs may be found on Page 9 of the form. Identifications must be original and unexpired; copies of IDs are not accepted (this is a requirement of the USCIS). Employers must complete Section 2 and Certification within 3 business days of the employee’s first day of employment.
  7. Be sure to indicate the student’s first day of employment in the Certification section.
  8. Please do NOT include copies of the student’s identification when submitting I-9s to SEO.
  9. Please help us process I-9s faster by writing the students BUID number at the top of the first page and by ensuring that the I-9 is not stapled and no other forms or documents are attached to the I-9.
  10. After completion, all original student I-9s should be hand delivered to the Student Employment Office at 881 Commonwealth Avenue.
  11. All I-9s delivered to the Student Employment Office should be accompanied by this cover sheet, which indicates where the I-9s are from and how many are included.
  12. Boston University Medical School departments may submit student I-9s to Student Employment by using the mail slot located at the Medical School Mail Room, 80 East Concord Street (Evans Building) Room B42.  I-9s must be in an envelope without holes (interdepartmental envelopes should not be used) and they must be securely sealed.  Be sure to include the I-9 cover sheet  indicating the number of I-9s you are enclosing.  No loose forms should ever be dropped in the mail slot.  The envelopes should be addressed to: 


    Student Employment
    881 Commonwealth Ave, 2nd Floor
    Boston, MA 02215

Note:You may check to see if a student has completed a Form I-9 by viewing Student Employee Information on the Student Employment section of the Business Link. If a student has completed an I-9 either at the Student Employment Office or the ISSO, the I-9 information will automatically populate when you hire the student using the New Hire/Rehire function.