Job Numbers

Each Work-Study job has a unique job number.

Work-Study job numbers are not student-specific. Supervisors may hire as many students as they wish under the same job number, as long as all of the students have the same job description, supervisor, base pay rate, and distribution information.

To determine the Work-Study job number of an existing job, use Maintain Existing Work-Study Jobs in the Student Employment section of the Business Link. Supervisors without access to this function may contact their payroll coordinator for assistance.

See Post a Work-Study Job for information on creating a new Work-Study job, or posting an existing one.

Job numbers for departmentally-paid student employees are generated automatically when the student is hired. You do not need to create a job before hiring a student who will be paid departmentally.

Departmental job numbers are created based on the grade and job code information entered at the point of hire. They are unique to each student employee, not to the hiring department.