Interviewing Students

We recommend that you take the time to interview students before hiring them. This helps both you and the student make an informed decision about whether the job and the student are a good match.

Suggested items to address during an interview:

  • The student’s availability.
  • The student’s prior work experience and skills.
  • Detailed job description and requirements.
  • Start date, pay rate, and duration of employment.
  • Type and length of training to be provided on the job.
  • Departmental policies that may affect the student’s interest in the job (e.g. dress code).
  • Request for reference information (if desired).
  • Timetable in which student can expect notification of a hiring decision.

Students usually do not bring a resume to an interview unless the supervisor specifically requests it.

Most students are eager to begin working, so it is advisable to notify applicants of the hiring decision within two or three days after the interview.