Hiring International Students

To be eligible to work on campus, international students must receive work authorization through the International Student and Scholars Office (ISSO) and meet the following critera:

Employment Period Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Academic Year Registered full-time for each semester (12 or more credits). Registered full-time each semester or (if a research assistant or teaching fellow carrying fewer than 12 credits) certified as full-time.
Summer * Enrolled for the upcoming fall semester, or registered for the summer. Enrolled full-time for the upcoming fall semester, or registered for the summer.

* Students who will graduate in September must be enrolled full-time over the entire summer (SUM1 and SUM2, 12 or more credits), be certified as full-time if appropriate, or have permission from ISSO to be part-time. (ISSO may grant permission for part-time certification to graduate and undergraduate students in their final semester.)

International students must receive work authorization and complete I-9 documentation through ISSO.

Staff at ISSO will enter the student’s information into the Student Payroll system. You may then complete the hiring process according to departmental procedures.

The student must complete Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate) following the instructions in Tax Information for International Students, and obtain a Social Security number if he or she does not have one.

Note: International students may be paid without a Social Security number, but they must pick up their paychecks from Student Payroll. They are also ineligible for Direct Deposit and may not apply for a tax treaty until they have a Social Security number.

For additional information, refer to the Employment Guide for International Students.