Hiring Work-Study Students

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When hiring a student, check with your payroll coordinator for the proper procedures for your department.

Work-Study Award Confirmation
Students with Work-Study are instructed to bring their Award Confirmation form to the hiring supervisor. This form, printed from the Student Link, includes the student’s Work-Study award amount and can be used as a hiring form if your payroll coordinator needs you to submit paperwork.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
Students who have never worked at BU need to complete an I-9 in the presence of a BU staff member. To verify whether a student has completed an I-9, go to Student Employee Information on the Business Link and enter the student’s UID and the current semester and year.

  • If the student record appears, the I-9 is on file at the identified I-9 MAILCODE. Important: If the I-9 MAILCODE is FWS01 the student needs to complete an I-9.
  • If the error message “not found on Student Employment file” appears, the student needs to complete an I-9. The student may do so in your office.

See Key Points for Completing the I-9 for information on completing this form.

If the student has never worked at BU, he or she needs to submit a W-4. If a W-4 is not completed the student will be taxed at the highest rate: single with zero dependants.

Do not give students tax advice or tell them how to complete the W-4 form. Most students claim 0 or 1 single. Students who claim exempt must re-file every calendar year. If students have questions about what to claim, suggest they talk to their parent or guardian. Further information for students regarding taxes is available here.

Direct Deposit
Direct all students to the Work section of the Student Link to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization only after they’ve received their first paper paycheck from the University.

Patent Policy
Students involved in University supported research in certain mailcodes are required to sign a Patent Policy Agreement.

Student Employment Confidentiality Policy and FERPA Policy
All students working on campus must understand and sign statements agreeing to both of these policies.

New Hire/Rehire
This is a Student Employment Business Link function. Enter according to your departmental procedures. You need permit E650 to hire students. Note: If you are still submitting paper Student Employee Authorizations (SEAs) to Student Payroll for processing, please set up a time for training on the Student Payroll Business Link functions.

Select new hire if:

  • Hiring a student who has never worked in your department before.
  • Hiring a student into a new job within your department (i.e. promotion). Remember to carry over longevity increases.
  • Changing the type of employment (e.g. Work-Study to departmental). Remember to carry over longevity increases.

Select rehire if:

  • Hiring a student into the same job number he or she has previously held. Use the same unit department and grade level. Longevity increases will automatically calculate.

Samples of online hire: